IsleWilde 2017

You are invited!

Free Artist Residency

July-August 2017


Puppeteer Special

Calling all performers, puppeteers, actors, singers, dancers, clowns, musicians, painters, sculptors, families, kids, whackdoodles and creatives of all kinds!

You are invited to join us this summer at the 25th (yes! Count em! 25!) annual Islewilde arts and performance festival.

Islewilde dates:

July 14-20–set up
July 21-August 14–Islewilde camping and workshops
August 11-12–final performances

August 13-14–big cleanup

What is Islewilde?

It’s an open creative play space in an idyllic field in the woods on an island in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a small gathering of artists (from around the country and around the world, along with our own local weirdos), a chance to live and work together in a non-hierarchical environment. We will share meals, skills, shows, stories, ideas, make connections, and finally create new works together, performances and installations in the field.

This is very much about the process of living in a temporary intentional creative community, and working hard together for the joy of creation and cohabitation. But it is also about our sacred responsibility to create an amazing and magical art and theater experience for a small and lucky public. The goal is to transform the field into a magical wonderland, and take the audience on a journey of the imagination.

The creative challenge for the participating artists this year will be to form five teams, which will each, over the space of 3 weeks, create there own creative sculptural theater space, costumes, puppets, masks, scripts, and performances of any and all kinds. When the audience arrives on the final day, they will be split into 5 equal groups and led by a representative character from each team to their own theater. So 5 groups of audience will each be watching a different show at the same time. At the end of the show, a gong will sound, and the audiences will move with their group to the next theater space, and watch the next show. The audience will all see 5 shows but in different orders, and the performers will all perform their piece 5 times. At the end of the fifth show, the audience will be gathered to the center for one final big group performance and culmination tying it all together. This should be a mind blowing theater experience for the audience, and the challenge for the participating artists will be to create a show that is somehow cohesive and entertaining, regardless of what order it is watched in.

As you can see, we have created a structure in which to work, but what goes into that structure, in terms of content and aesthetic, is up to all of the participants, and we will figure that out together while we are living in the field.

The schedule for building the shows is 3 weeks–Friday, July 21-Friday, August 11, leading up to the final show on Saturday, August 12. It’s ideal for you to come for the whole time, but if you can’t commit to the full 3 weeks, don’t let that keep you away–I would recommend, though, that whenever you arrive, you stay through the final show on August 12. If you live close enough to commute, and don’t want to camp out that’s okay too. Whatever makes you happy!

Be forewarned: this is a rustic setting. We have no running water and no electricity. We will be living in tents (bring your own tent, mats and sleeping bags if possible–if you need to borrow any of this let me know). While rustic, it is by no means uncomfortable–We load in Water in big tanks. We build a camp kitchen with propane stoves in which we cook delicious meals to share every day. We also create a shaded studio space, loaded with tools and materials for all creations, and a costume room and lounge complete with sofas. And at night we can get cosy around the campfire.

This is a free residency. We only ask that you come eager to participate, collaborate and create.  If you have the means to contribute money and/or food to help defray the cost of feeding everyone, that is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory.

Feel free to send a personal fb message to Adam Ende with any questions, for more info, or just to let me know you will be coming. You can also call me at three four seven four-five five five five five-eight.



Adam Ende, founder and janitor of Jawbone Puppet Theater


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